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                                Security and Governance

                                Understand how your organization can control and protect your accounts.



                                Workplace's iOS and Android applications include security capabilities that give your organisation the option apply additional security checks as well as placing limits on copying or removing information from the apps. These restrictions can provide additonal guardrails that help keep sensitive company content isolated, especially when Workplace is accessed from a personal rather than a corporate device.

                                You can read more about Workplace's Mobile Security capabilties in general and the different modes of deployment in the Mobile Security deployment approaches.

                                Workplace and EMM

                                Workplace and EMM

                                This section discusses the activation of Workplace Mobile Security restrictions using the application configuration capabilities of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms. The documentation below applies only to either corporate or personal (BYOD) devices which are enrolled in these platforms. For further details on the enrollment requirements and provider specific information see integrating with your EMM Solution.

                                The Workplace-specific app configuration is described in the App Supported Configuration section, and the device-specific configuration is described in the OS Supported Configuration section.

                                Integrate with your EMM Solution

                                Integrate with your EMM Solution

                                Corporate devices must be registered and enrolled in an EMM solution. For Android devices, this means that they must have a work profile.

                                Once the device is enrolled, you have to follow these steps to configure and deploy Workplace Apps:

                                Register Workplace applications on EMM
                                In the apps section of the EMM solution, add Workplace and Workplace Chat as managed apps. Two applications per platform – iOS and Android – should be added.

                                Manage the access to the apps
                                Pick which users should have access to the Workplace applications.

                                Create a Configuration policy
                                In the app configuration section of the EMM solution, create a new Key Value (KV) pair configuration set following AppConfig guidelines.
                                See the section on OS Supported Configurations and App Supported Configurations for configuration values.

                                Assign the configuration policy
                                Assign the configuration policy created in the previous step to the Workplace apps and apply the policy to all the users of the Workplace apps.

                                Push the app to a device and test

                                For specific instructions, refer to the documentation of your own EMM:

                                Microsoft Intune
                                App Supported Configuration

                                App Supported Configuration

                                The app supported configuration that can be set on Workplace via EMM adheres to the specifications defined by the AppConfig Community, which is a standards body formed by many of the leading EMM vendors and application providers. AppConfig members include VMWare, SAP, MobileIron, IBM, SOTI, JAMF and Blackberry. The Workplace apps are configurable by any of these solutions.

                                If your EMM solution is not a member of AppConfig, see the section on Support for non-AppConfig vendors.

                                Following the AppConfig standards, the Workplace apps support the ability to be pre-configured with Key Value Pairs (KVPs).

                                Some keys should be mapped to a dynamic variable within the EMM solution representing the required value.

                                The KVPs (Key Value Pairs) that Workplace supports are listed below.


                                Expected Value





                                iOS, Android

                                Represents the Workplace username of the device’s assigned user.



                                iOS, Android

                                Defines whether the links on the Workplace apps should be opened with a predefined browser app or with the default in-app browser. Requires externalBrowserURLScheme to be set.


                                {external_browser_app_http-url_scheme} or {android_app_id}

                                iOS, Android

                                Defines which browser app should be used to open urls on the Workplace apps. Requires enableExternalBrowserSupport to be set to YES.



                                iOS, Android

                                Defines whether the user will be challenged to use fingerprint or face recognition when opening or returning to the Workplace applications. Enabling this feature ensures encryption (device-level) of Workplace contents.



                                iOS, Android

                                Time (in minutes) after which the reauthentication challenge will be required. A value of 0 means a challenge ever time.



                                iOS, Android

                                Restricts people from directly pasting text copied within Workplace apps into other applications.



                                iOS, Android

                                Restricts people from downloading files or images from Workplace apps.



                                iOS, Android

                                Restricts people from taking screenshots and/or recording content in Workplace apps.

                                Email Address

                                Key: emailAddress

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to pre-populate the Workplace account’s email that is going to be used in a given device.

                                If a customer knows that a corporate device belongs to a user, they can set this KV pair so the user doesn’t have to input their email address when login into the Workplace apps.

                                The field expects a string with the email of the user , i.e. john.doe@futureofwork.com.

                                Enable External Browser Support

                                Key: enableExternalBrowserSupport

                                By default, urls and links on Workplace apps are opened on an in-app browser. This configuration allows Workplace customers to define if the urls shared on Workplace should be opened with a different browser app, i.e. secure browser.

                                Managed/Secure browsers will frequently have different configuration and connection policies including per-app VPN, and that is why some customers may want to choose all Workplace linked traffic going to the corporate browser.

                                The field expects a string with YES in uppercase. It requires externalBrowserURLScheme KVP to be set.

                                External Browser URL Scheme

                                Key: externalBrowserURLScheme

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to define which browser app should be used to open any url or link shared on Workplace.

                                For iOS, the field expects a string with the http-url scheme used by the external browser app in lowercase.

                                For Android, the field expects a string with the application ID used by the external browser app in lowercase.

                                It requires enableExternalBrowserSupport KVP to be set.

                                Below we offer a list of http-url schemes and Android application IDs for some of the most used browser apps. Check with browser vendors for further indications.


                                iOS http-url scheme

                                Android application ID

                                Apple Safari



                                Google Chrome



                                Mozilla Firefox






                                Microsoft Edge



                                Microsoft Intune Managed Browser



                                IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser



                                VMWare Airwatch Workspace ONE



                                Citrix Secure Browser



                                Blackberry Access



                                MobileIron Web@Work



                                Require reauthentication

                                Key: enableAppLock

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to prompt people opening or returning to the Workplace applications with a biometric challenge. Enabling this setting will ensure encryption (device-level) is enforced.

                                On Android, devices without face and fingerprint login will not be able to log in to Workplace.

                                On iOS, people without Touch ID or Face ID will need to enter the passcode for their device.

                                The field expects a boolean with True or False.

                                Time before requiring reauthentication

                                Key: timeBeforeShowingAppLock

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to set the time (in minutes) after which people will receive the biometric challenge to reauthenticate.

                                It requires enableAppLock KVP to be set.

                                The field expects an integer with 0, 1, 15 or 60. If not set or set to an unrecognized value, the time will default to 1. A value of 0 will force a challenge every time the app is opened or returned to.

                                Turn off copy/paste

                                Key: disableCopyPaste

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to restrict people from directly pasting text copied within Workplace apps into other applications

                                The field expects a boolean with True or False.

                                Turn off screenshots and screen recordings

                                Key: disableScreenshot

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to restrict people from taking screenshots and/or recording content in Workplace apps.

                                On iOS, you can only prevent people from recording content.

                                The field expects a boolean with True or False.

                                Turn off downloads

                                Key: disableDownload

                                This configuration allows Workplace customers to restrict people from downloading files or images from Workplace apps.

                                The field expects a boolean with True or False.

                                OS Supported Configuration

                                OS Supported Configuration

                                In addition to providing many device security features, most EMM solutions provide application security capabilities that are natively supported by the mobile OS and that can be applied to Workplace. These include:

                                • Remote wipe of the app.
                                • Encryption of app data.
                                • Restrict file export to managed apps.
                                • Prevent backup of app data.
                                • Route all app traffic through VPN (Per-App VPN).
                                • Block jailbroken/rooted devices.
                                • Block screenshots (only Android).
                                • Restrict copy-paste to managed apps (only Android).
                                • Biometric/Pin Reauthentication (only Android).

                                In some cases, customers may require that Workplace access be restricted to managed devices only. In these situations, there are two approaches that can be taken:

                                • Certificate Based Authentication: Distribute a user certificate to the device through EMM and enable 2-factor authentication on the identity provider with the certificate as a required authentication factor.
                                • IP Based Restriction: Configure the Workplace apps to use VPN through EMM and enable a policy on the identity provider limiting access based upon source IP address.
                                Support for non-appconfig.org vendors

                                Support for non-appconfig.org vendors

                                If your EMM solution is not a member of appconfig.org it may still support the use of app configurations, follow these steps:

                                Check with your EMM vendor on support for iOS managed app configurations.

                                Verify that the EMM vendor supports the use of a dynamic variable for user email address.

                                Create an iOS .plist file as shown below and replace the string variable with the email variable from your EMM solution.
                                <plist version="1.0">
                                <key> emailAddress </key>
                                <string> {EMM_Email_Variable} </string>

                                Upload the .plist file to the EMM solution and associate with the Workplace apps.

                                Push the app to a device and test.