Managing Your Notifications

5 tips to help you turn down the noise and focus on the important stuff.

Notifications are important—they keep you updated on what's going on in your Workplace community. But if you're a member of many Workplace groups, you probably already know that some notifications matter more than others. This guide will walk you through best practices for managing your notifications so you can stay up to date on the things you care about.
1. Adjust your notification settings
1. Adjust your notification settings
Go to your Workplace notification settings to edit how you receive notifications and what you get notified about. To do this on your computer:
  1. Click your profile picture in the bottom-left of Workplace, then click Settings.
  2. Click Notifications in the left menu.
Workplace notifications settings page2. Modify your group notification settings
2. Modify your group notification settings
You can go to Groups in your Home menu to edit notification settings for specific groups. This allows you to set different notification settings for team, project and company announcemnet groups, than you would for social groups.
You can manage group notifications in two ways:
  1. Change notification settings one-by-one for each group.
  2. Change notifications for multiple groups at once by clicking on Bulk Manage Groups
Managing notifications from groups in bulk3. Filter your notifications
3. Filter your notifications
You can filter down your notifications using the buttons at the top of your notifications inbox. Try starting your day by filtering notifications down to Tags & Replies to see anything you were mentioned in, or any replies to your posts.
Managing notifications from groups in bulk4. Prioritize your groups
4. Prioritize your groups
Prioritize your most important groups to see notifications from them in a new Priority top at the top of your notifications.
  1. From your News Feed, click Prioritize Groups in the left menu.
  2. Click Select Groups.
  3. Click Add next to the groups you want to prioritize.
  4. Click Done.
Priority groups pop up5. Use Do Not Disturb
5. Use Do Not Disturb
Turn on Do Not Disturb to block notification sounds during meetings or focus time. You can even set a Do Not Disturb schedule to block notifications outside of working hours automatically. To use Do Not Disturb:
  1. Click on your profile picture, in the bottom left of Workplace.
  2. Click Do Not Disturb.
Do Not Disturb schedule