Why Workplace for Frontline

Bridge the gap between headquarters and the frontline to build a truly connected company.


Frontline employees are at the heart of your organization. Whether they’re providing support and services to customers, or building and assembling products, they are critical to your success as a business.

Leaders agree, and many take time to hold both informal conversations and formal meetings with their frontline staff. But frontline workers are still feeling disconnected. According to our latest research report, 34% of frontline managers say they don't have access to the right communication tools to share information, and 49% feel less valued than ever.

What is Workplace for Frontline

What is the Workplace for Frontline?

Workplace for Frontline gives frontline workers access to the same communication and collaboration tools that connect and empower desk workers. And with frontline employees sharing and engaging on Workplace, you can gain valuable insights from your entire organization, democratize communication, and build a stronger work culture.

Workplace for Frontline is available for customers on paid Workplace plans. It offers all of the same Workplace features, plus:

  • Frontline People Set to manage frontline employees.
  • Ability to add employees in the Frontline Set to tailored default groups.
  • Ability to set custom terms of use for frontline workers displayed at a desired frequency.
  • Ability to download Security and People logs to track frontline employees' use of Workplace.
  • Option to disable frontline employees' ability to create groups.
    *Please note that disabling group creation can have an impact on overall Workplace engagement. We recommend that this feature is used after careful consideration only.

How to Enable it in Your Organization

How to Enable it in Your Organization

Provision your frontline employees in the People page. For people who don’t have a company email address, you can create Access Codes employees can use to claim their accounts.

Once you've created accounts for your frontline employees, go to the Frontline section of the Admin Panel.

In the Settings tab, you can write custom terms of use for your frontline workers and set the recurring frequency in which they appear. You can also disable frontline employees’ ability to create groups.

Create Areas and assign Area Coordinators to manage frontline access to Workplace. Learn more in our guide.

In the Membership page, you can add people to the Frontline People Set manually or in bulk. You can also choose specific default groups for frontline employees. Employees who aren’t added to the Frontline People Set won’t be shown the frontline terms of use and won’t have restricted access to Workplace.

Now that you know how to integrate your frontline workers into Workplace learn how to use Workplace to get them engaged and connected to headquarters in our guides: