How to sync Workplace groups to your Teams channels

Learn how to use the Workplace integration with Microsoft Teams to ensure your team doesn't miss important updates shared on Workplace.

Employees today are using more work tools than ever before—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Different roles have varying needs and the tools to address them. But when daily work applications vary between one team to the next, important updates can sometimes be slow to reach everyone and teams can operate in silos.
Workplace is a great tool for sharing work updates with your team or the entire organization, like project overviews, campaign results, sales wins, etc. It’s also a central place for your organization to share critical internal announcements, like return to office information, benefits policies, organizational changes and more.
If you’re using Teams to collaborate every day, it’s important that your team keeps an eye out on updates and conversations that are happening in relevant Workplace groups. With the Microsoft Teams integration, ensuring that your team stays in the loop is easier than ever.
How the Microsoft Teams integration works
How the Microsoft Teams integration works
The Workplace integration with Microsoft Teams works in two ways:
  1. Admins can pin Workplace to the sidebar of Teams.
  2. Any Teams user can add a Workplace group feed to their Teams Channel.
This guide is specifically focused on adding group feeds to Teams Channels. For more information on all aspects of the integration, read this guide. If you’re a system administrator who's interested in learning about how to enable the integration in your Workplace, visit the Workplace Help Center.
How to sync a Workplace group feed to your Teams channel
How to sync a Workplace group feed to your Teams channel
Any Teams user can sync one or several group feeds to tabs in their Teams channel, as long as those groups are either open or closed. Secret groups cannot be synced to Teams.
  1. Go to your Teams channel and select Add a tab
  2. Select Workplace from the list of apps available, or by using the search bar
  3. Click on the Add button
  4. Select the name of the Workplace group you’d like to sync to your Teams Channel
  5. The group feed will then be visible to all Teams channel members who are authenticated on Workplace and who have access to that Workplace group
  6. People will be able to read posts, react to them, and comment on them in the Teams channel
The Workplace tab will show the latest 10 posts group. Whenever someone posts in the group on Workplace, it will be automatically posted to the Workplace tab on Microsoft Teams.

You will not receive Workplace notifications on Microsoft Teams. To stay up to date on all content and conversations in Workplace groups, we recommend logging into Workplace regularly.