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Virgin Atlantic is a British airline company that provides passenger and cargo transportation services for individuals and businesses.

Virgin Atlantic was looking for a way to upgrade their communications.

The mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface of Workplace allows Virgin Atlantic leaders to communicate, share knowledge and build a sense of community among the globally dispersed employees, teams and offices.

With 70% of their workforce working remotely, Virgin Atlantic initially turned to Workplace back in 2017 to better connect its pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, office workers and leaders. Previously, the organization relied on emails and their intranet to share important messages, updates and relevant communications between different employees.


"I couldn’t imagine Virgin Atlantic without Workplace. Now more than ever, it couldn’t be more critical as a comms tool for us to start that road to recovery following the pandemic."

Megan Buck
Channels and Social Manager, Virgin Atlantic


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Being connected with a simple, easy interface

Workplace has streamlined communication between all employees at Virgin Atlantic. With all interactions on one platform, mobile-friendly access and a simple interface, the dispersed workforce can now quickly and easily communicate with people at every level of the organization, across every location. This engagement has helped staff foster deeper connections with each other and boost team morale. By using Workplace to connect its people, Virgin Atlantic can also keep infrastructure costs low, predictable and scalable.

Supporting wellbeing and fostering unity

When Virgin Atlantic furloughed 85% of staff at the start of COVID-19, the organization wanted every employee to remain connected and informed. Using live video, leaders directly connected with their teams and monitored their physical and emotional well-being through everything from virtual yoga classes and book clubs to baking tips and DIY cocktail tutorials. By creating a supportive and collaborative culture during the pandemic, leaders could keep a pulse on the organization and foster a greater sense of unity across every business level.

Bringing together teams with leaders

Virgin Atlantic acknowledges the contribution and importance of every role within the business. Giving employees a direct line of communication with senior leaders has helped break down silos throughout the organization. This interaction has become an opportunity to celebrate wins, offer advice and promote the development of all employees. As a result, management can better identify any concerns, revise their messaging, and introduce relevant initiatives quickly and effectively.

Information consistency with Knowledge Library

Workplace allowed Virgin Atlantic to elevate company messages at every level of the organization. With all communication on a single, streamlined platform, it ensures every employee has access to the same information. Using Knowledge Library, leaders shared COVID-19 specific information and guidance to keep all staff updated on the latest news. The organization is now also looking to use the feature for advice and role-specific training for returning to work after restrictions ease.

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